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International Video Production
10 months ago

For the past few years, the use of video has expanded from some businesses sporadically adding it to their corporate website, in a crucial, competitive element that can improve operational capabilities and quickly market a product or service. Many major companies now a day has embraced this change and made video an essential component of their online marketing and promotional campaign. Many visitors of your website, generally do not read much content of your website, and when they do read the contents, they try to skim-read it, all this means that the significance of your written content can be misinterpreted or lost. However, with a profusion of content pushed to employees and customers every day, a well-developed video gives your product or message to be clearly understood and stand out conspicuously. Heliumfilms.us is the leading company in not only local video production , but also international video production.

There are normally three fundamental reasons for corporate entities to hire video production companies and particularly international video production companies are cost-effectiveness, increased productivity and consistency.


1. Cost-effectiveness

San Diego Video Production Company is one of best international and local video production company. An efficient, well-crafted international video service can be cost-effective for your business and provides innumerable advantages to the company. It can reduce the need for company employees to travel abroad for the video shot. In addition, with the affluence of editing technology and digital video in the current era, videos can now be crafted at a very reasonable price when compared to the past few years.

2. Increased Productivity

As far as advantages of videos created for internal business environment are concerned, videos designed particularly for promotions, corporate messaging, health-care benefits or other emergency procedures can improve employees' efficiency. A well produced and well presented video, not only reduce the time of programming, formatting and delivering a presentation, it reduces the time used to view and comprehend the message being communicated. Due to the thoroughness of the video, businesses can curtail employees' paperwork mistakes, and consequently limit the amount of assistance-required calls to the help desk.


3. Consistency


A well-drafted video allows a business entity to control the message and its visual presentation. The video remains consistent with the information and emotion every time, it is delivered or presented.
Some more advantages of an international corporate video production are:


Marketing Benefits:

• Generate traffic to your website
• Increase brand promotion through optimization of website on the Internet
• Connect with their potential customers on an intimate basis
• Videos can quickly go viral
• A Video can be quick and to the point
• Great way to display a product or service
 • Display an online demo of a product
• Make your company stand apart from your competitors

 Human Resource Benefits:

• An efficient channel of corporate messaging
• Ongoing employee training
• Employee orientations
• Review of company policies
• Safety rules and regulations
• Motivational presentations

Helium films are actually a one-stop-shop for all kinds of video production services, which require multiple or single camera personals. We can either send our talented camera crews in your own local national cities, or send the same video production crew from the US to your chosen location (s). We are content to stock up all assets for our prestigious customers on mirrored drives. We store our clients' media both at our studio and off-site at a secure location. All the recent logos, productions, brand guidelines or look books can be accessed more easily and swiftly.

We are also able to make copies of any videos, being shot by our FTP, and send numerous versions of edited videos through FTS. So that any person interested in the videos can view them at his convenience and discuss that with his friends or colleagues, whichever location they are.
For the past many years, Helium Films has given skilled video production services to a huge clientele. Ranging from excellent adventure programming, sporting events and documentaries, to multimedia productions, corporate communications and independent motion pictures, we ensure the provision of excellent quality services at the most reasonable rates. We use only the best available high-definition cameras and other post-production tools, which ensure an invincible value and unparalleled customer accreditation.

Through hard-earned expertise and knowledge, Helium Films has gathered a wealth of practical experience in International Video Production. We had better know how to switch quickly between different countries or between different cities of the same country, with video production tools and equipments. For example, we are fully aware of international current requirements, weight restrictions. We know all the visa requirements and employment legislation of most of the countries. We even have ‘rolling’ Visas with a number of countries. We use the latest technological tools and all of them are PAT tested. We ensure that all our key team members are well experienced and professionals, which means that they know the importance of the message sent through videos.

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